UFU publishes limited edition centenary magazine

Tuesday, 13 November, 2018

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is capping off its centenary year by recognising the support and contributions of members with a one-off publication of its historic magazine “The Farmers’ Journal”. Filled with stories and pictures from members, past presidents, and staff it gives a snapshot of some of the highlights of the last one hundred years.

UFU president, Ivor Ferguson said, “The centenary of the UFU celebrates the resilience of the farming industry and its capacity to adapt to changing times. For one hundred years, the UFU has been the voice of farmers in Northern Ireland but without the support and contributions of our members we couldn’t have reached this historic milestone. Like all the presidents before me, and those who will follow in the coming years, I am proud to represent the faming families that make up our membership.”

The 2018 limited edition magazine is a throwback to the UFU’s roots. First published in 1920, “The Farmers' Journal” was the main way the organisation communicated with members for over 50 years.

“Looking back through past events and photographs we can see how much the industry has changed but it is still driven by the determination of farming families to produce top quality food and care for the countryside. Despite the dramatic changes, farmers today have much in common with those who created the UFU in 1918. The mission remains the same - to secure a fairer deal for farmers now and in the future.”

The magazine can be purchased in UFU group offices or online here UFU Centenary Magazine. It costs £5 and all proceeds go towards the UFU’s charity appeal for Air Ambulance Northern Ireland.












Centenary edition











First edition in 1920.