UFU comment on new Fibrus contract to improve rural broadband

Wednesday, 18 November, 2020

Ulster Farmers' Union deputy president David Brown, comments on  broadband provider Fibrus’ £165million deal to improve rural internet access, 

“The confirmation by Economy Minister Diane Dodds that Fibrus have secured a new contract worth £165million to improve rural internet connectivity in Northern Ireland, is a major milestone. The UFU have lobbied continuously to gain better broadband on behalf of our members as a large proportion live in rural areas and are seriously disadvantaged by a poor or non-existent broadband service. This became more evident during lockdown as the need for a strong and reliable broadband connection increased with many becoming dependent on it to stay connected with others, for work and educational purposes, and to complete necessary application processes that were transferred to a digital format. Not to mention the daily running of farm businesses as more essential agriculture activities went online including livestock marts.

“The rural broadband project, which has been named Project Stratum, has the potential to improve daily life for thousands of rural residents across the country providing them with access to full-fibre broadband. We look forward to Project Stratum being processed so our members can benefit as soon as possible,” said Mr Brown.