Corporate membership - RCK Partners

Thursday, 17 February, 2022

RCK Partners joined the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) as a corporate member early in 2021 and it has proved a valuable partnership for both organisations. RCK are the fastest growing team of experts within the R&D tax credit space and spotted an opportunity to work with farms in Northern Ireland (NI) helping them apply for and claim back R&D tax credits. 

R&D Tax Relief is a government incentive, which aims to support British businesses that are undertaking technically challenging work, in order to create jobs in the UK, attract foreign direct investment and encourage a culture of innovation. 

Commenting on the success of their corporate membership, RCK head of Commercial, James Gibson said, “Farmers in NI could be losing out on tens of thousands of pounds of unclaimed tax benefit. The average SME claim in 2019-20 was £57,330 and businesses in NI accounted for just 2.65% of the overall R&D claims. 

“At RCK partners we are proud to support Northern Irish famers through our partnership with the UFU. We have a team of experts, many of whom specialise in farming claims, that will help guide you through the process and get you the cash you deserve.”

Unfortunately, as many of us know navigating the HMRC website or keeping on top of any possible tax benefits isn’t easy and can sometimes look too good to be true thanks to all the opportunistic scams we are up against. Member and local farmer Alastair McBurney of Craigfad poultry, took the plunge and contacted RCK to see how he could benefit and would encourage others to do the same if they are eligible.

What would you say to other farmers who are hesitant about claiming R&D?

Let RCK Explore the avenues for you. It’s no win no fee, it’s not costing you anything, you can only gain something. So, there’s nothing to lose. People don’t understand or read into it to realise the extent of it and how eligible famers can be. Look around to see what is eligible to you. Anyone can be eligible.

How did you find your experience with RCK Partners?

Slick process. There’s no additional money to spend, get yourselves involved.

How have R&D Tax Credits been able to help you personally?

It’s a good revenue boost for a business. It’s more beneficial than AIA because it’s money that you’re already spending within your business, you’re not having to spend vast sums.

For more information email James: or click here.