About Us

About the Ulster Farmers Union

Marking 100 years of the UFU

Founded in 1918, the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is the largest democratic voluntary organisation representing farmers and growers in Northern Ireland. Our central objective is to promote members interests both at home and abroad through professional lobbying.

Over the last 100 years farming has changed dramatically but core issues such as profitability, productivity and succession remain the same. We are proud to have served our members well over the last century and look forward to continuing to do so.                                                                                                     

During this historic year we want to recognise the contributions of our members, the achievements of the Union and we have a goal to raise £100,000 for Air Ambulance Northern Ireland.

The UFU takes a close interest in rural affairs and services, and work with politicians both in the U.K. and internationally, and other groups and organisations to advance rural interests. We have particularly close links with consumer groups, countryside and wildlife bodies, animals welfare organisations and academics. We also work closely with the National Farmers’ Union’s in England, Scotland and Wales, and the Irish Farmers’ Association in Dublin. Collectively the UK Union’s support the Bureau de l’Agriculture Brittanique, giving local farmers a permanent staff presence in Brussels.  

The strength of the Union is clearly demonstrated by its ability to successfully represent the wide range of interests of farmers.

Mission Statement

To serve its members by promoting and supporting a vibrant and sustainable rural economy where agriculture is secure and pivotal to its future.


  1. To defend the rights and promote the interests of its members;
  2. To seek to secure the economic sustainability and quality of life for farm families;
  3. To encourage environmentally sustainable, welfare friendly, market orientated farming practices;
  4. To improve the wider social infrastructures within the rural economy.

How do we ensure that we accurately represent farmers' views?

UFU grass roots members discuss policy issues at their local Group and County meetings.  These are then examined in detail at the Unions Central Committees, before policies are ratified at the UFU's monthly Executive Committee meeting.